Since succeeding in reaching their £1.8m target, Simon West and producer Harry Stourton have featured on Bloomberg Business TV (below) and Sky News.

Simon West’s films have taken over $1 billion at the global box office. West and his team have produced five films that have: 1) Reached number one at the US box office 2) Taken over $100 million in revenues

West has a highly impressive track record, having produced and/or directed Con Air, The General’s Daughter, Tomb Raider, Black Hawk Down, When A Stranger Calls, The Mechanic and Expendables 2. Now Simon West is going independent: he has made the decision to produce a new film, not funded through the traditional studio-led route, but instead with the help of online equity investors.

The company Salty Film Ltd, with its experienced team, will coordinate the production of Salty, with West at the helm as lead director/producer. Inspiration for the story comes from acclaimed author Mark Haskell Smith’s Salty, with Haskell Smith also having worked on the screenplay.

The least that any of Simon’s theatrically-released films have taken at the global box office is $62m.

What's the latest?

Below: Simon and Harry on Bloomberg.


Salty Film Ltd has appointed Carnaby International Sales and Distribution to handle the international sales. Sales began in earnest at the European Film Market in Berlin February 2015, with several international distributors snapping up the rights to handle distribution in their territory. Sales are ongoing.

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While the funding round has officially closed on SyndicateRoom the team behind Salty are willing to discuss the opportunity to invest with interested parties. If you are considering a serious investment please email

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