THE TEAM "Always make the audience suffer as much as possible." Alfred Hitchcock
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    Simon West, a British born filmmaker, started at the BBC in London as an editor. He then moved on to direct several award-winning commercials. His films include Con Air starring Nic Cage, The General’s Daughter starring John Travolta, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie and the recent number one hit Expendables 2 starring Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwartznegger, Jason Statham and Jean Claude Van Damme. All made over $100 million domestically, opened at number 1, or both. After opening in August 2012 to date Expendables 2 has taken over $300 million worldwide. West also served as an executive producer on the Oscar-nominated Black Hawk Down he also developed the material from book to script. His television company has produced acclaimed series such as Fox’s Keen Eddie, the CBS series Close To Home, Fox’s Human Target and the NBC series The Cape. West recently directed the action-packed remake of The Mechanic starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster. He just completed, Stolen, a fast paced action thriller set during Mardi Gras day in New Orleans starring Nic Cage, Malin Akerman and Danny Huston. He recently reteamed with Black Hawk Down writer Ken Nolan to direct Thunder Run based on the book Thunder Run written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Zucchino, Gerard Butler is attached to star.

    West recently completed a contemporary remake of the cult 1970’s TV show The Saint and has just finished an action thriller Wild Card by legendary Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and Marathon Man). Starring Jason Statham, Stanley Tucci, Sofia Vergara and Anne Heche.

    West is currently directing action drama Stratton starring Henry Cavill shooting in London and Italy.

    Simon is a member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Sciences and votes at the Oscars.

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    Jib Polhemus has worked in the entertainment business for the past 20 years, starting his career at Creative Artists Agency. At CAA, he met legendary Producer Dino De Laurentiis who hired him as a development executive working on John Mostow’s Breakdown, and the Wachowski’s Bound and Ridley Scott’s Hannibal.

    Since then he has been the President of Simon West Productions (SWP) where he has developed and sold numerous high profile projects to Warner Brothers, Universal, Fox, Paramount and Sony.

    Recently he Co-Produced blockbuster Expendables 2 and is currently producing Thunder Run and the graphic novel inspired Night Of The Living Dead: Origins 3D. In 2011, he Co-Produced The Mechanic and Executive Produced Stolen. During his tenure at Simon West Productions, he has overseen production and development on several other films including Blackhawk Down, When A Stranger Calls, and The General’s Daughter and Associate Produced Tomb Raider.

    In television, he has developed and sold shows to all of the top networks (CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and WB). Most recently, he Co-Executive Produced The Cape for NBC and Human Target for Fox. He has overseen a production deal at CBS Studios for the past ten years and is currently developing The Vanderbilts at Showtime with Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes.

    In his free time, Mr. Polhemus is a professor for the Columbia College of Chicago in film.

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    Harry Stourton began his career as a journalist before moving into television documentaries and then onto the film industry working for Simon West on Paramount Pictures’ Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Next he went on to work with Simon, Jib and Joel Wyman on Paramount’s TV series’ Keen Eddie. Following this he decided to pursue an interest in finance taking his City of London IMC exam. After a brief stint as assistant editor of investment publication Money Week Harry went on to set up a renewable energy firm in east Africa for private equity company Trading Emissions PLC. He built the company up from scratch to an operation with eight farms and 700 employees. In 2011 Harry decided to return to the film business to pursue opportunities in the independent sector with Simon West arranging financing for Salty and an independent production company.